Christine Sadrnoori

I am a designer known for my ability to work across the whole product lifecycle—from identifying the right opportunities, to making them real using a collaborative and experimental process.

In addition to my design skills, people praise me for my ability to build rapport across disciplines, roles and needs. By managing people’s relationships with technology and each other, I help position products for success.

While I respect and enjoy producing high-fidelity visual design and animation, I provide the most value working on the upstream phases of product design: strategy, research, and ux design.

What I do: Defining and validating a vision, marketing opportunity, target customer; positioning, defining competition and success metrics.

How I achieve this: Performing desk and secondary research; framing the problem space; defining the hypothesis; prioritizing assumptions for testing.


What I do: Identifying, coordinating and leading qualitative research activities; extracting key insights to define user goals.

How I achieve this: Leading stakeholder interviews; running customer discovery and validation; analyzing and synthesizing.

UX Design

What I do: Concept testing, designing, and iterating; conducting QA and usability testing; participating in backlog grooming.

How I achieve this: Sketching; facilitating design studios; documenting IA and user journeys; prototyping.

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